Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Annual San Jose International Harajuku Walk 2015!!

San Jose Harajuku Fashion Walk 2015

Oh my gosh y'all, the walk was SO fun! I met with so many new people, some were even from the Santa Cruz area as well! I was honestly very nervous about the whole thing but eventually collected my thoughts and just had fun! 

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to get a full outfit picture (Since I was coordinating the event, I was running around like a mad woman!) but I managed to get at least a head shot and some pictures of me with others! I chose to wear Decora to the event and was very pleased to see that two of my other friends did too! My boyfriends little sister Sam tagged along, who was such a good sport, and let me dress her up in Decora as well! 

It was a bit hot in San Jose that day, so I was very glad that we decided to do it as early as we could. A few of us decided to get some yummy lunch at Veggie Grill before the walk started since we all had to meet there anyways. We had a lot of people taking pictures of us and telling us how great we all looked! I know a few people were initially very worried about doing it in Santana Row, but as for what I personally gathered, we didn't have any trouble at all. It seemed that people were more intrigued and interested in what we were doing.

We ended up walking all around the Row, crossed the street the busy street that leads to Valley Fair, and shopped around the mall for a good while! A few of the Lolita's had to leave early due to another event up in the bay, but I'm very glad that some of them were able to make it to the walk as well! 

I didn't get many pictures afterwards (I was pretty exhausted at that point), but after the walk a group of us enjoyed some yummy food at Happiness Cafe. It's this all Vegan place and they serve ice cream, shakes, and other various food items. My favorite was their version of a "tuna" melt and their coffee ice cream :3 I really cannot wait to plan another one of these. I honestly had such an amazing time and I hope to make next years International Harajuku Fashion Walk even bigger! I kind of would like to plan out a winter one, but DEFINITELY would like to organize one at Fanime 2016! Stay tuned I guess ;)


The closest thing for a full body picture of me! But here I am with the lovely Kelsey who came down all the way from Sacramento!

Kelsey, Me, Christine, and Mary! 

Once again, thank you all SO much for coming out to hang and be a part of something historic for the J Fashion community in the Bay Area! Hope to see you all again soon!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quick Little Update/San Jose Harajuku Fashion Walk!

Hey y'all!!

I apologize for being so bad at updating this! Well, first things first, there are SO many new and exciting things happening! I recently met another J Fashion lover in Santa Cruz and her name is Daisy! It's so nice and awesome to have someone in such a small town share a very rare and important passion! So when we hung out the other day, we got to talking about having a Harajuku Fashion walk in San Jose and a tiny meetup in Santa Cruz with a good group of friends!  I am SUPER excited about this! I have always wanted to participate in one, but now I get to be a part of actually planning one!

We are doing it on Santana Row July 25th at 1:30! We are going to walk down the Row then walk around in Valley Fair! This is the first one in the Bay that's actually a part of the now International Harajuku Walk day! My friend Daisy and I are the ones organizing it, along with my friend Kayden now too. I am so stoked and excited!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

A catch up!

Hello lovelies! I am so sorry that I have been really terrible at keeping up with this. The last entry that I had submitted was around the same time in which I was moving into my new apartment, then following that came the busy holiday season! Life has been so crazy as of late, but I don't think it ever stops at least for me haha. Alex finally left his old job and now works as self employed! He makes custom wood jewelry (plugs) with our friend Farrah! Which you should totally check them out, all of the woods that they use are safe/non-toxic and are Vegan friendly! Click here to visit my bf's store Vesica Piscis! They also make custom jewelry orders as well. A lot of their work is mostly centered around sacred geometry, which I find very beautiful. Here is a picture of a set of plugs that he actually made not that long ago, it has a symbol of the Japanese Rice Kamon. These are my favorite plugs that he has made so far!
And also, what kind of made me stop blogging (on this type of platform at least)was because I kind of hit another fork in the road. I was feeling really unmotivated and stuck. I got caught up in too much work and negativity, so I kind of crashed for a little while. I felt extremely down, stagnant, and hopeless. But, what got me to get back to writing and posting was this book called, "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon. He is the same author for "Steal Like An Artist" (which is also another fabulous read). It really got me thinking about my approach to actually showing my work, so for the past week or so, I've been trying my best to show examples of things that I am making, etc. I am still finding it hard to actually list things, but I know I need to get over my fear of listing stuff. As weird as it sounds, I kind of get scared of listing things because I have the fear of not selling things. But then I realized that if I don't list them, I wont sell anything lol! So, expect to see more posts about my life and the things I make and/or buy! I would really like for this grow into something truly magical :) Thank you again for reading!