Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Paradise Rose Shop Review!

When I had attended the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival this year, I had the pleasure of buying some items from them! The Japan Town Center usually has vendors inside the mall during the weekends and festivals so I always make sure to check them all out. When I had approached their booth, I couldn't help but look at everything! Everything was well made and at super affordable prices. I ended up leaving with a pair of tights and a fuzzy moon 2 way star clip.

Paradise Rose Etsy Shop Link
Paradise Rose Facebook Page
Tights 10/10: When I had looked at them the first time, I wasn't worried at all about them not being opaque enough. Sure enough, I was right. You can't see any of the tattoos on my legs and the graphics were printed on there very nicely. The images didn't look distorted when stretched out, they weren't itchy, and I got a lot of compliments on them whenever I wear them out. Super good purchase!

Fuzzy Star 10/10:
It is now one of my favorite hair accessories! I really like the fact that it is a 2 way clip (brooch/hair pin) and it holds really well in my wigs and natural hair. The dangling stars also add a lot of cuteness to them too :) The yarn was very much intact and there were no loose threads whatsoever!

And here is a picture of me wearing it!

I definitely plan on ordering more things from them again, their products are fabulous and very good quality!

Thank you guys so much for taking time to read my new blog! I haven't done something like this in quite some time now, so hopefully I'll get way better at this soon!

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