Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quick Little Update/San Jose Harajuku Fashion Walk!

Hey y'all!!

I apologize for being so bad at updating this! Well, first things first, there are SO many new and exciting things happening! I recently met another J Fashion lover in Santa Cruz and her name is Daisy! It's so nice and awesome to have someone in such a small town share a very rare and important passion! So when we hung out the other day, we got to talking about having a Harajuku Fashion walk in San Jose and a tiny meetup in Santa Cruz with a good group of friends!  I am SUPER excited about this! I have always wanted to participate in one, but now I get to be a part of actually planning one!

We are doing it on Santana Row July 25th at 1:30! We are going to walk down the Row then walk around in Valley Fair! This is the first one in the Bay that's actually a part of the now International Harajuku Walk day! My friend Daisy and I are the ones organizing it, along with my friend Kayden now too. I am so stoked and excited!!